Millo's Musings

How to Be Less of a Distraction-Prone Mental Wreck, Part One: Taming the Everything Device

25 July 2017

The thesis: distraction is bad, distraction is everywhere, and avoiding distraction takes work. Your digital devices are set up by default to be as attention-grabbing and focus-destroying as possible. Resistance to these distracting defaults is an essential ingredient of productivity - to say nothing of your mental health.

The Lost Art of Concentration

18 July 2017

The first step is admitting it: my name is George, and I’m a distraction-holic.

Learn a Language in Seven Hours - Special Discount for Readers

27 June 2017

Portuguese in 10 Weeks - Conclusion

18 April 2017

Back in January, I declared that I was going to spend 10 weeks learning Brazilian Portuguese. I wasn’t a total beginner; I’d already picked up a bit of Portuguese from my girlfriend (and an ex-girlfriend who is also Brazilian), but I’d never had a formal lesson or made any real active attempt to learn the language. (I did already speak French and Spanish though, which is a big headstart.)

Fluorescent Orange Advertising

11 April 2017

Here’s a smart marketing trick I’ve noticed.