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Portuguese in 10 Weeks - Conclusion

18 April 2017

Back in January, I declared that I was going to spend 10 weeks learning Brazilian Portuguese. I wasn’t a total beginner; I’d already picked up a bit of Portuguese from my girlfriend (and an ex-girlfriend who is also Brazilian), but I’d never had a formal lesson or made any real active attempt to learn the language. (I did already speak French and Spanish though, which is a big headstart.)

Fluorescent Orange Advertising

11 April 2017

Here’s a smart marketing trick I’ve noticed.

Speaking Arabic with a Native Speaker

07 April 2017

Last month, I attempted to learn conversational Arabic in a week. You can see my summary post to see how well I did.

Arabic in a Week - Conclusion

28 March 2017

Last week I undertook my most ambitious language-learning project to date. From Monday to Sunday, I had a one-hour Arabic lesson every morning with my teacher Tony Marsh, with the goal of learning conversational Arabic from scratch in just seven days.

Can you Learn a Language In Seven Hours?

19 March 2017

Today is March 19th 2017, meaning it’s four days since I concluded my challenge to learn Brazilian Portuguese in 10 weeks. (Hello from São Paulo.) In the next few days I’ll be publishing a video to show how far I got, and writing up my final postmortem of the challenge, but for now I’m about to get my hands dirty with something much more exciting:

New Mission - Learn Portuguese In 10 Weeks

03 January 2017

Happy new year! If all goes according to plan, I’ll be spending a good chunk of 2017 in Brazil, so it’s time to announce my next mission: learn Portuguese.

I Miss You (Kinda) - An Open Letter

27 July 2016

Has it really been a year already? I still can’t believe you’re gone.

The Joylent Experiment - How I (Almost) Gave Up Eating For Ten Days

07 December 2015

Some people love food for its own sake. I am not one of them. Food, to me, has never been anything more than fuel, and cooking is an annoying chore that I only spend time on because I have to. If I didn’t have to eat to survive, I could happily go the rest of my life without thinking about food again.

Please Don't Get Me Anything For Christmas

10 December 2013


The Most Disturbing Experience of My Life

17 May 2013

Greetings from Cambodia. Right now I’m in a town called Kampot, but most of the last week has been spent in the country’s capital, Phnom Penh.

The Cu Chi Tunnels, or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Guns

02 May 2013

May 1st is a national holiday in Vietnam, so, with the day off work, I took the opportunity to finally check out one of Saigon’s premier tourist attractions: The Cu Chi Tunnels.