Millo's Musings

A New Beginning

15 January 2021

This blog is now defunct.

It’s nine-ish years - nearly a third of my life - since I first threw this site up; since then I’ve only made a few posts per year, much of which was embarrassing sophomoric nonsense I erased long ago, but much else of which I stand by. I still plan on writing online, hopefully with a lot more frequency, but from here on it’ll be published on Substack.

Substack has been blowing up lately and just might become the next big thing, if it isn’t already, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I’m praying for Substack’s success because I think it has the potential to fix much of what’s wrong with the Internet, as I explain in my first post over there. Go read it.

Also, I’ve decided that if I’m going to make a name for my writing, I’d prefer it be a name that I’m not constantly having to explain how to pronounce and spell. Therefore, I’m hereby writing under a pseudonym. “George Blackshaw” was my great-grandad’s name, so I hope I can do him proud. It’s far too late to keep my real name a secret, but secrecy isn’t the point.

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