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Fluorescent Orange Advertising

11 April 2017

Here’s a smart marketing trick I’ve noticed.

In my recent travels I’ve been making use of Monzo. They bill themselves as a sort of “bank of the future”, and their flagship product is a prepaid debit card tied in with a nifty smartphone app. I have the card, and I like it because it’s an easy and convenient way of spending money abroad at a good exchange rate.

But the point of this post isn’t to share money-saving tips. It’s about free advertising, and how Monzo obtain it.

Here’s an example of what life is like as a user of Monzo:

Last night I was out for dinner with a couple of friends. When it came time to pay, I whipped out my Monzo card - and it immediately drew a comment from someone at the table.

“That card’s a crazy colour,” they said. “What bank is that?”

And so I told them about Monzo.

This happens all the time. I simply can’t avoid telling people about Monzo, even if I wanted to. People always comment on the card when I get it out, because it’s a weird, fluorescent shade of orange:

Monzo Card

Someone at Monzo is a marketing genius. Simply by making their card a weird colour, they’ve turned me and every other Monzo customer into an evangelist for their product. Who needs advertising when you can get your customers to do it for you?

(Apple did the same thing with the iPod, by the way. At a time when everyone’s headphones were black, Apple made their headphones white - and turned all their customers into walking adverts for Apple. Who knows how many extra million dollars of revenue were generated through this simple colour swap?)

The lesson to be learned is this: it may be easier than you think to make your product stand out.

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