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First Impressions of Vietnam

04 March 2013

So here I am in Ho Chi Minh City, AKA Saigon, AKA my home for probably the rest of 2013. I’ve been here a week now, found a place to live, and feel more or less settled in.

The number question I got asked before moving out here (except maybe “are you fucking serious?”) was “are you nervous?”, and, to be honest, I really wasn’t. I’ve travelled enough by now that settling in to an unfamiliar city is nothing out of the ordinary.

Still, though, I didn’t really know what to expect of Saigon. Would it be a gleaming metropolis? A grey and dismal urban sprawl? Just like Bangkok, except without all the transexual prostitutes? As it turns out, it’s a very cool city and I think I’m going to like living here a lot.

A few musings:

Right, now I’m off to a coffee shop to get some work done.

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